The 4 Pawed Clover

The 4 Pawed Clover is first of all a book for animals, since its main goal is to help four rescues: Adoption Chats Sans Abri, Blitz Rescue, Sheba’s Haven and Animal rescue Network, all chosen with care on the basis of their mission and their ethical, no-kill approach.

This book is also intended as a haven for humans – for those who love animals, photography and reading. It comprises two principal parts. The first consists of brief texts inspired by the bright little faces of cats and dogs, whose looks and expressions communicate so much. The second part, the heart of the book, recounts touching stories of animals adopted from shelters or those that were lucky enough to be rescued by kind, sensitive humans who were ready to offer them a second (or nth) life, filled with love and good care.

Cats, dogs and humans are the heroes of the book you hold in your hands. Are you looking for a treat for the eyes and the heart? You’re in the right place at the right time – and by acquiring this book you will help to support little feline and canine companions in need.

The embryo for this collection of life stories began as the expression of a deep love for animals, for words and for photography. This grew into a desire to bring these three elements together and to join forces with various allies who share the same will and motivation to help pure little beings who deserve the very best and who ask only to be loved.

*Between $10 to $12 per book will be donated in equal share to the 4 rescues previously mentioned !

*profits depends on the number of books per impression and the selling points.